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We create lots (and lots!) of Windows base images in our test environments.

This takes a fair amount of time and when we get daily or weekly builds to test we can spend half our time recreating base images rather than testing new features. We also have to regression test Imaging Toolkit 9.x base images with Imaging Toolkit 10.x projects to ensure upgraded builds will work.


We've recently combined some of our automated UI testing with some clever scripting to automate the base image creation process.

We can now decide which base images need to be created, select the Windows version, architecture and appropriate settings then kick off the creation process. Wait for an hour or 30! (depending how many base images are being created) and we then have a nice new set of base images (both .zmg and .wim format) ready for testing.

This is very useful for our internal testing and allows us to concentrate on other more customer focussed testing scenarios.

Disclaimer: This process is not likely to make it into the product any time soon... but it does illustrate what could be done!