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The default Windows 10 Start Menu is a bit, err, busy and arguably not suitable for enterprise deployments with things like Xbox Live and CandyCrush:

Using Powershell it is possible to remove the default AppX packages which will help to clean up the start menu, but notice the strange tiles left behind? These are from the Windows 10 consumer apps (Xbox live, CandyCrush) which are not fully removed.

With Imaging Toolkit 10.0.2 (coming soon!) you will have the option to "Remove default and consumer Windows applications" in the Build Console Deployment Wizard. You must use Windows 10 build 10586 and later in your project because Microsoft added the ability to disable consumer applications in build 10586. The result is this:

Ta-da... Much better!

Using Imaging Toolkit 10.0.2 you will be able to create a fully patched Windows 10 base image with a nice clean Start Menu and all without any manual intervention.