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During the last 42-months ENGL has been working on technology to harvest the power generated from the millions of PC's that are imaged daily. What is imaging? Imaging is the ability to take a once powerful desktop or laptop and restore a visually beautiful but processor intensive operating system that is likely to require thousands of updates during its life and months of extensive user training to find the tile-masked desktop so that the poor user can eventually launch Excel.

During deployment, image restore can take a little bit of time as all those bits, bytes, WORDS, DWORDS, integers, unsigned long's, __int64's and other complex terms used to describe a collection of data, are pushed out from a server to the lucky target devices.

As the data is sent through your network, a first, second and third-harmonic is hidden within a IPW (Image Polarisation Wave) but with multiple RBES (Rather Big Empty Spaces). ENGL recognised that the number of RBES combined with the altitude of the office building provides a magic number that when reversed, OR'd, AND'd, NOR'd then finally stripped of unwanted data, provides a perfect transportation platform for compressed audio.

Figure 1: Original design created during a visit to Hooters in Salt Lake City.

The Audio Streaming Pack for ENGL Imaging Toolkit allows streaming of audio music sound files within ZENworks image (.zmg) and Windows imaging (.wim) files. The incredible compression algorithm (ICA) allows 15-seconds of music to be transferred for every 3-GB image restored. Based on an average 3-minute song it will only need 100-restores of Windows 8 to stream the entire song! Additional add-on enhancement OEM gadgets more commonly known as S.P.E.A.K.E.R's will made available to play any music during imaging. Alternatively built in PC speakers can play a series of beeps and hi-pitch white noise that may or may not closely resemble the original music.

Figure 2: Library photo of an oscilloscope first seen in an early episode of The Bionic Man.

The ENGL Audio Streaming Pack does not include any copyright music except for "Humpty Dumpty" and 652 other chart-toping demonstration songs. Decryption of the transported music files is not included nor is the guaranteed transportation of the file which may arrive at any time more than likely in the future. ENGL is not responsible for any legal action that may come from using such a product in your work production environment. If you don&'t feel this is a good idea then please only provide positive feedback to our staff as they can be easily upset.

ENGL is also responsible for some extremely cool Windows management and deployment tools that are more worthy of your time.