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I'm pleased to announce that ENGL Driver Manager 2.0 for SCCM and MDT is now available to download from the ENGL web site.

Finding and deploying drivers is one of the most time consuming and troublesome tasks that administrators must undertake to deploy Windows. Driver Manager lowers the cost associated with driver management by automating the manual steps that have to be repeated for each new hardware platform.

Driver Manager 2 includes driver integration and deployment for both SCCM 2007 and MDT 2010.

  • Import hardware inventory from SCCM or Driver Manager Scanner
  • Find and download drivers from PC manufacturer and OEM's
  • Analyse drivers to determine the installation method
  • Create SCCM Driver and Software packages and assign driver categories
  • Create MDT Out-of-box drivers or Application packages

For further information including feature list, screen shots, downloads and evaluation licenses, visit the Driver Manager home page.