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I'm pleased to announce that ENGL Imaging Toolkit 10.0.1 is available to download.


Windows 10 November Update support

Customers are now taking Windows 10 seriously. Windows 10 proof of concepts and deployments are in action now. To support our customers we commit to bringing you the latest Windows 10 support as a high priority.

The Windows 10 November Update (otherwise known as "Version 1511" and "Threshold 2") is now fully supported with Imaging Toolkit 10.0.1. To make it easier to identify the different Windows 10 media in your File Library, we now include the Windows 10 build number within the media description.


System Center Configuration Manager 1511

You may have heard that Microsoft have decided to rebrand System Center in a somewhat strange act by moving from System Center 2012 Configuration Manager backwards to System Center Configuration Manager 1511. I kid you not! Don't panic, the decreasing direction of version number doesn't indicate a move back to the original SMS (phew!), but puts System Center on the path to continual revisions boasting new functionality on a regular basis.

Apart from the headache the System Center branding change has caused us with our documentation, it did force us to add dynamic desktop management solution support into Imaging Toolkit 10.0.1. In a nutshell, we've removed hardcoded references to System Center versions in Build Console, instead replacing them with a process where future System Center versions can be supported more easily without having to deliver a new version of Imaging Toolkit. All using a simple "check for updates" from Build Console.


Driver download improvements

One of Imaging Toolkit's best loved features is our industry unique driver management capability. The ability to take a hardware inventory scan for a machine, search and download drivers for a Windows OS/platform, then create a driver image ready for deployment, is time saving, and quite frankly, very cool!

As part of the driver management process, Build Console has to download drivers from machine and equipment manufacturers. In Imaging Toolkit 10.0.1 we have rewritten our download engine to increase reliability, which is required for some popular machine manufacturers who have some, erm, cloud hosting challenges!


Active Directory certificate auto-enrollment

Customers who have configured System Center with secure commuications can now deploy machines using Imaging Toolkit 10.0.1. This functionality is automatic and does not need any changes to existing Imaging Toolkit deployment projects.


Bug fixes

Occasionally, the odd bug does slip past our quality testing, but in Imaging Toolkit 10.0.1 we splattered the little rascals (Bugs - RIP).


For a complete list of changes in Imaging Toolkit 10.0.1 please visit the change log. For the latest System Center and ZENworks support please visit the Imaging Toolkit compatibility page.