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New Wantage, March 32, 2016: ENGL has announced plans to open a new engineering division based in its prestigious international Wantage campus in Wantage, Oxfordshire, UK. The new division will focus on extracting used wireless data signals from walls, ceilings, and soft furnishings.


Director of Shadow Engineering, Steve Cloaking, said:

For years we've noticed that WIFI signals pass through walls and it occurred to us that if they pass through materials then perhaps they leave traces at the molecular level. After years of research it seems we've discovered that it's possible to retrieve, what we call 'shadow' data, from WIFI signals that have passed through materials and objects.

This could well be a game changer following recent news that the FBI have gone to great lengths to unlock devices such as iPhone's to retrieve valuable data. What if that's not necessary? What if a device could extract data from a curtain, a framed picture, or even hair from a pet (provided it hasn't been washed in a 60 degree wash)?

Donald Trump made a short comment on this announcement in between interviews:

I'm speechless!

Further information will be available later this month in a press pack.