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To coincide with the soon to be released ENGL Imaging Toolkit 8.0 which includes support for both System Center 2012 Configuration Manager and ZENworks 11 Configuration Management, ENGL is pleased to announce an optional Retro Imaging Pack.

The Retro Imaging Pack supports the import and deployment of Sinclair ZX Spectrum BASIC, Amiga Kickstart and Commodore BASIC. Based on demand from older customers who refuse to clear out their attics of old retro gaming machines will be delighted to purchase this expansion pack.

ENGL is working hard to support customers wishing to allow employees to bring in their own hardware. With the Retro Imaging Pack, corporate customers can now manage ZX Spectrum, Amiga and Commodore (VIC-20 and C-64 only at this time) along side their Windows hardware.

Proof of age will be required when placing an order together with a test on which 80's gaming machine is the best, which is clearly the Commodore C-64. Stay tuned for further details.