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As many of you will know there have been a series of patches released for ZENworks 11 Configuration Management SP3 (ZCM 11.3.0) and subsequently a large amount of confusion, not least for us! In order for us to figure out what our customers need we had to sit down and draw a picture, so I thought it would be good to share.

The key points from an ENGL perspective are:

  • You need to apply the ZCM 11.3.0 Patch 866736 patch for Imaging Toolkit 8.0.2 support.
  • Windows 8.1 will be supported with Imaging Toolkit 9.0 and you need to apply the ZCM 11.3.0 WIN 8.1 Patch 866736 patch.
  • The "a" releases are the result of adding the 841566 patches to either ZCM 11.3.0 or "ZCM 11.3 - Windows 8.1 Update"

We hope the the release of "FTF Rollup Update" i.e. FRU1 will simplify the situation for everyone an get us back to a common baseline.

If you have any queries regarding ZCM 11.3 support with Imaging Toolkit please contact our support team.