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We have had some driver issue reports recently where devices are not listed in the hardware scan file but then show up on a machine once it has been built.

An example of this is the Media Card Reader Driver on a Lenovo T430 (23493A4).

When running Zdrivers or DMScanner against this machine the Hardware ID for this device is not always presented by Windows and so does not appear in the scan XML file.

The following scenarios detail the behaviour we have found:

  1. The hardware ID is listed if the driver is NOT installed.
  2. The hardware ID is listed if the driver IS installed AND media is in the card reader.
  3. The hardware ID is NOT listed if the driver IS installed and media is NOT in the card reader

As a result the hardware scan file for scenarios 1 and 2 give us a driver pack with the Media Card Reader Driver listed.
Scenario 3 results in a driver pack that does not include the Media Card Reader Driver.

If a driver pack is created and deployed from the hardware information gathered in scenario 3 then post-build the machine will list a unknown "Base System Device" in Windows Device Manager. This device will disappear once the appropriate Media Card Reader Driver is installed.


If you see an issue like this ensure that there is media in the Card Reader prior to running Zdrivers or DMScanner. In the meantime you can add a manual driver to your driver packs for the card reader.