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Finally I have 5 minutes to sit and regale you all with more tales of derring do from the ENGL development team.... Or at least let you know what we've been up to anyway.

It may amuse some of you to know I came back this morning thinking I might edit a post I had started previously which began "March. Hmm, well, that seems to have been and gone... Who let that happen?". It would appear the same rapscallion also managed to sneak April, May and a goodly chunk of June past me. Ah cr....

So, without further ado, before another month passes me by:

Driver Manager 3.0

I'm very pleased to say that Driver Manager 3.0 is out in the wild and enjoying itself immensely.

Some fairly hefty changes went on in the background and we had great feedback throughout the development process. In addition to the support for the latest versions of SCCM and MDT we have enhanced the machine import and analysis process particularly for those using Lenovo machines. No more will you have to suffer random model codes, we will now attempt to retrieve the model name and use this throughout. We have also included the facility to rename machines so even if we pick up a name you don't like you will be able to change it to something you do.

For those using SCCM we have also included the option to update boot media when we detect mass-storage or network drivers are being imported. Obviously this is an entirely optional process and we won't automatically publish the boot images so we aren't going to bring your servers or imaging crashing to its knees whilst it reprocesses the image.

There are numerous cosmetic changes too, for example, the use of the taskbar icon to display download and integration progress. It sounds trivial but it saves having to keep DM in the foreground whilst it's performing long operations to see what it's up to.

Imaging Toolkit 7.0.1

Never ones to rest on our heels we have also been hard at work with improvements and enhancements to Imaging Toolkit 7.0 which was released earlier this year.

This contains fixes for a number of issues which were found after the release of 7.0 and also further enhancements, notably to the documentation, machine handling and driver processing (check out the Lenovo bits!, 3rd party imaging and cloning.

Code lockdown is nearly upon us and the test team are already hard at work trying to prove that we haven't done what we say we have! So far, I think we're beating them but as there's a lot more to test I can't currently give a more precise release date than some time in Q3 but of course we'll let you know as soon as it's available.

Wireless Manager

Yes, you read that correctly. Wireless Manager.

As part of the updates to Zwlancfg he will also be getting a new name. I was going for "Brian" but got outvoted. I don't understand why....

Again due for release in Q3 Wireless Manager will also come with SCCM 2012 support.

The Coffee

Finally, the information you've really been waiting for, the latest updates on the coffee.

Sadly the one thing that hasn't changed between blogs is the coffee and if you drink the stuff I make you could be forgiven for thinking it is from the same pot from the last blog.....

It is neither ZENworks nor SCCM compatible and has reached a point where one of our staff has decided to give it up completely!

In light of this I am personally going to oversee a coffee scoping exercise and I hope to have good news for you all soon.

There's more...

Yes, there's more!

I'll try and tell you about some of it next month.