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I'm pleased to announce that Imaging Toolkit 10.0.4 is now available. Here's a brief overview of what's changed in this release. 


Non-critical updates in the base image

In Imaging Toolkit 10.0, we gave you the ability to install only critical Windows updates. With Imaging Toolkit 10.0.4, you can now install all Windows updates or only critical/security updates. For those of you who like to customise their base image including selection of Windows updates, simply run the Image Preparation Tool (ImagePrep.exe) manually after the Windows unattended installation completes. 


Windows 10 built-in application management

Customers are starting to get some experience with their Windows 10 pilots and deployments, and because of that we're receiving some great feedback. In Imaging Toolkit 10.0.2, we allowed you to completely remove all Windows 10 consumer apps. With Imaging Toolkit 10.0.4, we've enhanced this feature to allow selection of Windows 10 built-in apps that you would like to be retained during base image creation.


Further information

For further details on all the features and fixes in Imaging Toolkit 10.0.4, check out the ENGL Imaging Toolkit 10.0.4 - What's New video and Imaging Toolkit change log

The latest System Center and ZENworks compatibility with Imaging Toolkit can be found here.