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I'm pleased to announce that we've completed internal quality testing of Windows 10 1607 with Imaging Toolkit 10.0.4!

Knowing that customers have been waiting for Windows 10 1607, we pulled out all the stops to prioritise our internal testing to confirm Imaging Toolkit compatibility as soon as possible. Bear in mind that Windows 10 1607 was only released on August 2, 2016, which makes it quite an achievement. So a big thanks to the ENGL testing team!



Note: When you import Windows 10 1607 into Build Console, it will appear with the media build number 14393 which is read from the WIM file in the media.

What's next? We've begun testing ADK 1607 for Imaging Toolkit compatibility. Watch out for a future blog when we'll announce our test results.

Visit the Imaging Toolkit compatibility page for further details.