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Wantage, Oxfordshire, UK - Expert Networking Group Plc (ENGL) is pleased to announce a multi-million euro contract with British Bendy-Bell-Bus Company Ltd to provide drivers for their fleet of buses, coaches and human-powered ricksha's.


Mr P. Dell from the BBBBC said "ENGL is known for its expertese in driver management and deployment, and we [upper management] knew it would be a perfect fit for our businesses to work together. We desperately need new drivers for our vehicles and using agencies and contractors can be expensive and time consuming. ENGL has told us they can easily find and deploy drivers." 


The BBBBC's tender request was clear that drivers for buses and coaches must have passed all safety checks and driver certificates should be up to date.


Mr Thompson, Windows Driver Management Manager at ENGL, said "This is a huge opportunity and responsibility we don't take lightly. We need to ensure the correct drivers are deployed to BBBBC buses and coaches. The BBBBC have told us that all of their vehicles have Windows, some of them have 7 or 8, but to ensure their users have a better experience on their journey, most bendy-buses will be upgraded to 10."


Mr Dell has previously been quoted as saying "Installing windows can be painful and often needs some additional polishing to ensure the look and feel is right for the customer. Finding drivers can be challenging as it can often take a lot of time to find the right driver who is smart and will look after their vehicle."


ENGL has access to millions of Windows drivers that are matched based on customer hardware requirements. This functionality is included in its Imaging Toolkit and Driver Manager products.


Mr Thompson said "Some Windows drivers may be too old and sadly will need to be replaced. We also need to ensure drivers with excessive bloatware [fat] are excluded. Some decisions are difficult, but those that need to be removed will be done carefully with BBBBC's consent."


ENGL is due to have their team of Windows deployment specialists on site next week to meet with BBBBC's HR department. Mr Thompson mentioned he was confused as to why the first meeting was with HR instead of IT and why the purchase of 100 new bus driver uniforms was included in the project costs, but Mr Thompson is confident this is just a bump in the road and will be resolved shortly.