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Edit: June 5 - this edition of Windows 10 is now supported with Imaging Toolkit 10.0.7

Edit - May 2: the changes in this version will require an updated version of Imaging Toolkit - we are working on version 10.0.7 right now, and if all goes well, we might see this released in about a month's time, but of course this timescale is subject to change. If you have an urgent need to deploy this version, please contact ENGL Support

Microsoft are shortly releasing Windows 10 "Creators Update" (this is version 1703, the last major update "Anniversary Edition" was 1607). The ENGL team are busily testing this version, and we will update this blog to keep you informed of our progress.

For now, this version is not supported, and although it can be imported, we have seen problems with deployment, ranging from the inability to create a Catalog, to unwanted prompts during the base image creation process, so we would recommend that customers avoid trying to use this version with Imaging Toolkit, until we can determine the causes of these anomalies. Also check Microsoft blogs and the popular press for news, to determine if the update is one that you want!