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I'm pleased to inform you that Imaging Toolkit 10.0.7 and Deployment Monitor 2 are now available to download.

Let's take a look at the new features in both releases.


Imaging Toolkit 10.0.7

The recent release of Windows 10 Creators Update 1703 was a stark reminder that Windows 10 updates not only include UI changes, but also include major changes that can affect enterprise deployment. With Imaging Toolkit 10.0.7, we've added support to deploy Windows 10 1703.

You may be aware that we've been working on Deployment Monitor 2. Imaging Toolkit 10.0.7 includes native support for Deployment Monitor 2, including an update to the Imaging Toolkit COM control (ZtoolkitCtrl) that is accessible during the deployment process and allows you to send custom status updates to a Deployment Monitor 2 server from custom scripts.

For example, in PowerShell a status update can be sent as follows:

$Monitor = new-object -comobject "ENGL.Ztoolkit.Monitor"

# Send status update
$Monitor.Task = "Installing Adobe Acrobat"
$Monitor.Status = "Started"
$ret = $Monitor.SendUpdate()

# Send status update with error message
$Monitor.Task = "Installing Adobe Acrobat"
$Monitor.Error = "Failed to install application."
$ret = $Monitor.SendUpdate()

For those of you needing to fight through layers of change control to upgrade to Deployment Monitor 2, you can relax because Imaging Toolkit 10.0.7 also supports Deployment Monitor 1.0.5. However, new functionality such as the above changes to ZtoolkitCtrl, will only be supported with Deployment Monitor 2. Support for Deployment Monitor 1.0.5 will be removed in a future release, so don't delay the upgrade too long.

For further details visit the Imaging Toolkit product page and release history.


Deployment Monitor 2

Since releasing Deployment Monitor 1.x, we've received a lot of feedback and enhancement requests. It's been a long journey, but we're excited to bring you a new shiny version of Deployment Monitor that supports both ENGL Imaging Toolkit and any task-based deployment solution, such as Symantec Deployment Solution (DS).

Deployment Monitor 2 has been designed and written from the ground up to include a fluid and dynamic Web Console. The Live progress and Build history view columns can be customised and ordered, and can even include ENGL Imaging Toolkit Build-data (EBD/ZISD) attribute values.

Imaging Toolkit 10.0.7 includes native support for Deployment Monitor 2 and can be configured to send status updates during imaging and deployment build phases. For custom deployments (anything task-based deployment process that isn't ENGL Imaging Toolkit), Deployment Monitor 2 includes the command-line executable DMStatus that can be used to send status updates and errors to the Deployment Monitor 2 server.

DMStatus can be run as part of a task-based deployment solution, such as a Symantec Ghost Solution Suite (GSS) job, to send granular status updates during the Windows deployment process as follows:

dmstatus /server:"deploymon" /phase:1
dmstatus /server:"deploymon" /phase:1 /task:"Restoring Windows 10 image"
dmstatus /server:"deploymon" /phase:1 /task:"Installing critical drivers"
dmstatus /server:"deploymon" /phase:2
dmstatus /server:"deploymon" /phase:2 /task:“Installing drivers"
dmstatus /server:"deploymon" /phase:3
dmstatus /server:"deploymon" /phase:3 /task:“Installing Office"
dmstatus /server:"deploymon" /phase:3 /task:“Installing WinZIP"
dmstatus /server:"deploymon" /phase:3 /status:"finished“ 

For further details visit the Deployment Monitor product page and release history.