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ENGL Driver Manager 7 (released on November 24, 2017) includes enhancements, bug fixes, and support for "any" task-based Windows OS deployment solution. In this blog we'll look into what's new in Driver Manager 7.

Any task-based OS deployment solution

Driver Manager already includes support for Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT), Symantec DS/ITMS, Symantec GSS, and System Center Configuration Manager. For some deployment solutions we provide tighter integration, for example with System Center we can create driver and software packages, allowing the deployment solution to replicate the content between sites. We'll continue to extend Driver Manager with tighter support for new deployment solutions where we feel we can add functionality that benefits administrators.

With Driver Manager 7, we've included support for any task-based OS deployment solution. This allows customers to use Driver Manager's first class driver management and installation capabilities with their deployment solution of choice. We recently published a blog on integrating Driver Manager 7 with Ivanti Endpoint Manager Suite 2017, which is worth a read.

Driver Manager offers two integration types of task-based OS deployment solutions: 1) with DMQS (Driver Manager Query Service) or 2) without DMQS. In DMQS mode, Driver Manager will store driver pack details in the DMQS database, which can then be queried by Driver Manager's Driver Installer (DriverInstaller.exe) from either WinPE (critical driver injection) or during the OS configuration (driver installation). Without DMQS, Driver Installer can be run with command line switches to specify the UNC share location of Driver Manager driver packs.

All in all, Driver Manager 7 can now support any task-based OS deployment solution. We've given you the tools to find, analyse, integrate and deploy drivers, with any process you choose. 

Management solution support updates

The following fully integrated management solutions are now supported in Driver Manager 7:

  • Symantec IT Management Suite 8.1 RU4
  • System Center Configuration Manager 1706 Hotfix Rollup (KB4042949)

Note: Always check the Driver Manager compatibility page for the latest support information.

Driver analysis enhancements

The Driver Manager 7 driver analysis engine has been updated to provide improved support the following latest vendor setup types:

  • AMD software packages
  • Lenovo driver install packages
  • Panasonic "one-click bundles"


The following issues have been resolved in Driver Manager 7:

  • Driver analysis creates an incorrect command line for certain Dell Update packages
  • Driver properties view "Open in explorer" menu option is not available for manually imported drivers
  • Hardware inventory information was missed when creating a driver pack
  • INF type drivers may fail to install if the driver pack does not contain any software drivers
  • Non-driver INF files (oemsetup.inf and autorun.inf) should be ignored during driver analysis and installation