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ENGL Imaging Toolkit 10.0.9 (released on December 5, 2017) includes enhancements, bug fixes, and support for "any" endpoint management solution. In this blog we'll look into what's new in Imaging Toolkit 10.0.9.

"Any" endpoint management solution support

Imaging Toolkit already includes support for System Center Configuration Manager and ZENworks Configuration Management. With Imaging Toolkit 10.0.9, we've included support for any endpoint management solution either cloud based, or on-premise using either PXE or USB. This allows customers to use Imaging Toolkit with their endpoint management solution of choice e.g. Liquit Workspace (see our blog Custom deployment with Imaging Toolkit 10.0.9 and Liquit Workspace).

Build Console UI and documentation improvements

Starting with Imaging Toolkit 10.0.9, selecting a management solution from Settings > Integration, will have the following effect:

  • Build Console File Library will only include media types compatible with the selected integration type
  • Build Console documentation and walkthrough hyperlinks will display documentation for the selected integration type

Windows deployment enhancements

Imaging Toolkit 10.0.9 now includes support for the import and installation of .NET 4.7.1.

Driver analysis enhancements

The Imaging Toolkit 10.0.9 driver analysis engine has been updated to provide improved support the following latest vendor setup types:

  • AMD software packages
  • Lenovo driver install packages
  • Panasonic "one-click bundles"

ZENworks enhancements

In a ZENworks environment, the ZESService will no longer be disabled during build process for ZCM 11.4.3 and above.


The following issues have been resolved in Imaging Toolkit 10.0.9:

  • Build Console Deployment Wizard may crash when manipulating Windows 10 built-in applications
  • Build Console may crash when creating multiple driver images
  • Build Console may crash when creating a Windows media catalog if the File Library path contains a space
  • Zim imaging front-end Menu:Default does not perform the specified action
  • Zim imaging front-end Dialog:ListFromFile sorts entries (WinPE)
  • Analysis of Dell update package may not produce a valid command line