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ENGL and Liquit are proud to announce a partnership that brings you automated Windows deployment and a single unified workspace regardless of device and location.


When creating an automated Windows 10 deployment process you need to consider:

  • Device identification and corporate domain membership
  • Driver compatibility for multiple machine models
  • Customisation of the desktop including applications and Windows start menu

Windows deployment is a complex, painful and time consuming process, but it doesn't have to be!


In this informative webinar, our experts will:

  • Demonstrate how to create a Windows 10 deployment process using ENGL Deployment Suite
  • Deliver the Liquit Digital Workspace and core applications
  • Explain how to automate and monitor Windows deployment

Learn how the ENGL and Liquit partnership can reduce cost, risk, and stress associated with Windows 10 deployment as a platform for your Digital Workspace.


To register for the webinar on February 8th at 16:00 GMT please complete the registration form.