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20 years ago we started ENGL with a goal to make Windows deployment easier for organisations of all sizes. We created solutions for Windows deployment, driver management and monitoring that have been used to automate the deployment of Windows to millions of machines on thousands of different hardware platforms.

One of the most time consuming and painful tasks an administrator faces is creating a patched Windows 10 base image. Typically it takes hours to complete and then requires testing. After all, the base image is the foundation to every driver, future application and policy you apply to a machine. Surely there's an easier way?


Windows 10 image creation made easy!

ENGL Deployment Service™ is a subscription based service where you can schedule the creation of a Windows 10 base image and you'll be notified when the download is available.



Let's look at the steps in more detail.

  • Project creation - Having logged into ENGL Deployment Service, create a new project or modify an existing one. Select the Windows 10 version, edition and platform. Select which built-in applications to include. Select whether to install all Windows update or just critical updates. Optionally, select whether the base image will be deployed using ENGL Imaging Toolkit.

  • Queue project - The project will be added to the queue.

  • Build - In the background, we have a team of pixies that... ok, we don't, but we do use some very clever automation voodoo that will take your project settings and create a taylor-made base image for you.

  • Download - Once the build is completed you'll receive an email notification. Pop back into ENGL Deployment Service and download the WIM image.


What's the advantage of using this service if I'm already using ENGL Imaging Toolkit?

Deployment Service saves you a great deal of time and also means you don't need a reference physical/virtual machine to create the base image.


Can I use this service to deploy images with other deployment solutions?

Yes! Deployment Service will create a WIM for you to download and drop into your existing deployment solution. If you have any specific requirements please let us now.


Would you like to know more?

If you'd like to be notified when we launch Deployment Service or if you have any questions, please fill out an enquiry and we'll get back to you.