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I'm pleased to announce the immediate availability of ENGL Imaging Toolkit 11.0.9 for ZENworks, System Center, Liquit Workspace and all task-based deployment solutions.

Windows 10 version 2004 with ADK/WinPE 2004 support

Imaging Toolkit now supports the deployment of Windows 10 version 2004. Windows ADK and WinPE add-on must be updated to version 2004 on the Imaging Toolkit Build Console machine.

WinPE imaging boot media should also be updated if in use. The latest WinPE release includes updated network and mass-storage drivers.

Note: Before deploying Windows 10 version 2004, please check that your management platform of choice is compatible. For example, ZCM 2020 Update 1 (20.1) officially supports Windows 10 version 2004.


Retirement of ZENworks Configuration Management (ZCM) 11.x

ZCM 11.x will no longer be supported with Imaging Toolkit 11.0.9 and above.

Customers using ZCM 11.x should upgrade to a supported version of ZCM.


Windows 7 legacy support

Following Microsoft ending support for Windows 7, we will no longer be including Windows 7 in any compatibility tests.

Due to this, technical support may be refused if issues arise when deploying Windows 7.


Imaging Toolkit 11.0.9 BETA

All installations of Imaging Toolkit 11.0.9 BETA should be upgraded to 11.0.9 RTW (build 1619). Project Ztoolkit add-on images and imaging integration (TFTP/boot media) should also be updated.


For full details please see the Imaging Toolkit release history.