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Creating your reference base image is now even easier! I'm proud announce the immediate availability of our Reference Image Creation Service.

With Imaging Toolkit, we gave customers the tools to create their own hardware agnostic Sysprep'd reference image that could be captured and deployed using Imaging Toolkit. Although the process is simple, it can become a chore to recreate the base image using the latest monthly updated Windows media.

Reference Image Creation Service

Imaging Toolkit customers can signup for the Bronze or Silver level depending on their needs.

Bronze includes:

  • Windows 10 x64 latest version, e.g. 2004
  • Enterprise, Education or Pro edition
  • All built-in (Appx) packages (excluding games)
  • Windows updates included with the monthly Microsoft media
  • Compatibility to deploy to BIOS or UEFI machines
  • WIM or ZMG image format
  • Imaging Toolkit ready
  • 1 image request

Silver includes all Bronze benefits plus:

  • Windows 10 latest or previous version, e.g. 2004 or 1909
  • Built-in (Appx) packages can be selected for inclusion
  • Latest Windows updates (at the time the image is created)
  • 2 image requests

Deployment with Imaging Toolkit

All images created by the Reference Image Creation Service include the Imaging Toolkit deployment engine hook. This means the base image can be downloaded to your imaging server without any modification and used with your Imaging Toolkit deployment.

More details

To find out more about Imaging Toolkit and the Reference Image Creation Service, visit here.