Imaging Toolkit 12 Subscription Levels

March 21, 2022

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In advance of the Imaging Toolkit 12 release, we'd like to give you a first look at the new subscription levels.

Subscription levels

There are three subscription levels: Standard, Advanced and Enterprise. All subscription levels include basic Imaging Toolkit functionality, but have different Image Service™, Monitor Service™ and Support benefits. Full subscription level details can be found here.

License migration

Existing Imaging Toolkit customers will be migrated to an equivalent subscription level and have the option to upgrade to a higher level.
Existing LicenseSubscription Level
Imaging Toolkit 11.x with MaintenanceStandard
Imaging Toolkit 11.x with Maintenance AND Deployment Monitor 2.xAdvanced

Further information

Please contact ENGL if you'd like to discuss subscription levels in more detail or would like a quotation to upgrade to a higher level.