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This TechBite session (presented on 3rd August 2011) is available here.

The TechBite session explains how to use ENGL tools to set up and configure Windows 7 system partitions and enable BitLocker during the build process.

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I have been writing and presenting techbite sessions for the last couple of years covering various Imaging Toolkit related topics.
These are available in the archive section of the Events page

We have decided to change the format of the sessions, instead of being recordings of live presentations they will be prerecorded video demonstration plus additional files as required.

The current sessions that are scheduled in WebEx will be canceled but the content will still be produced and will appear both here and in the events/archived pages (as before)



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I'm pleased to announce that ENGL Driver Manager 2.0 for SCCM and MDT is now available to download from the ENGL web site.

Finding and deploying drivers is one of the most time consuming and troublesome tasks that administrators must undertake to deploy Windows. Driver Manager lowers the cost associated with driver management by automating the manual steps that have to be repeated for each new hardware platform.

Driver Manager 2 includes driver integration and deployment for both SCCM 2007 and MDT 2010.

  • Import hardware inventory from SCCM or Driver Manager Scanner
  • Find and download drivers from PC manufacturer and OEM's
  • Analyse drivers to determine the installation method
  • Create SCCM Driver and Software packages and assign driver categories
  • Create MDT Out-of-box drivers or Application packages

For further information including feature list, screen shots, downloads and evaluation licenses, visit the Driver Manager home page.


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ENGL Imaging Toolkit 7 (codename Kamino) is the next major release of our automated Windows deployment solution for ZENworks Configuration Management (ZCM).

Imaging Toolkit 7 includes enhanced driver management (download, analysis and installation logic), base image creation with Windows update integration, and 3rd party (WinPE) imaging support.

If you would like to be involved in the BETA programme and have the chance to work directly with ENGL engineers, please complete the participation survey below. Closing date for submissions is August 31, 2011.

Imaging Toolkit 7 BETA Participation Survey


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Following the release of Driver Manager 1.0 we had lots of feedback from customers and partners asking if we could provide the functionality we have for SCCM 2007 for MDT2010. So for Driver Manager 2.0 (scheduled for release in July) we have added the ability to integrate with MDT 2010 and provision drivers into the MDT deployment system.


The process to import hardware, find and download drivers is the same whether you’re using SCCM or MDT. Once you have the drivers you need and they have been analysed by Driver Manager you can then integrate the drivers into the MDT environment. Driver Manager will determine whether drivers are INF type drivers (good drivers) or application packages (bad drivers) and add them to MDT as either Out-of-box Drivers or Application packages.


Driver Manager will complete the following steps during the integration process:

  1. Create a folder structure beneath Out-of-box Drivers based on the Windows OS/platform, machine make and model e.g. Windows 7 (x86)\Dell Inc.\Optiplex 790
  2. Import INF type drivers into the folder created in #1
  3. Create a folder structure beneath Applications based on the Windows OS/platform, machine make and model e.g. Windows 7 (x86)\Dell Inc.\Optiplex 790
  4. Create an Application package and place it into the folder created in #3
  5. Update the MDT database with a Make and Model entry for the machine and assign the application package to the entry (optional)


MDT Task Sequence Configuration:

INF drivers are delivered using the Inject Drivers task sequence step, by default this will scan all drivers in the store and attempt to select the best option. In order to filter the drivers so that only the drivers for a specific make and model are available set a Task Sequence Variable named DriverGroup001 to the folder created by Driver Manager, e.g Windows 7 (x86)\%Make%\%Model% Then edit the Inject Drivers task sequence step and ensure that Choose selection profile is set to nothing

Drivers that are wrapped up in application packages will be created under a single MDT Application package that can be installed during your task sequence. The application includes DriverInstaller (a component of Driver Manager) which is used to determine whether a given application package is actually applicable for the machine being deployed. DriverInstaller will process each application package and silently install the required packages. The Application that Driver Manager creates can automatically be assigned to the Make and Model entry in the MDT database and therefore by dynamically installed by MDT using the Install Applications task sequence step.

Using this method will you can dynamically deliver only the INF drivers and application packages required for a specific machine type during your MDT deployment task sequence.