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Today (January 22, 2019) ZENworks 2017 Configuration Management Update 4 (17.4.0) has been released by Micro Focus.

I'm pleased to announce that ENGL Imaging Toolkit 11.0.2, 11.0.1 and 11.0 have passed our own compatibility tests with ZCM 17.4.0.

Visit the ZENworks compatibility page for further details.

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It might be cold and miserable in the UK (for various reasons), but it hasn't stopped us from bringing you ENGL Driver Manager 7.0.3 which is now available to download.

This release includes:

  • HTTPS support for the Driver Manager Query Service (DMQS)
  • Ability for DriverInstaller to access driver content over wireless networks
  • Windows Server 2019 support (Admin machine)
  • SQL Server 2017 support (DMQS)
  • Support for the latest GSS, ITMS and SCCM versions
  • Bug fixes

For further details visit the Driver Manager release history and compatibility pages.

DID YOU KNOW that ENGL Driver Manager automates Windows driver management and deployment for GSS, ITMS, MDT, SCCM and any task-based deployment solution?

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Following our recent news that ENGL Driver Manager supports Ghost Solution Suite (GSS) 3.3 and ITMS/DS 8.5, we have some great news for our ImageInvoker for GSS customers.

Having now completed compatibility testing, we now officially support ENGL ImageInvoker 2.0.1 with GSS 3.3.

For more details on how ImageInvoker can help secure and automating GSS job scheduling for both WinPE and LinPE imaging, visit the product home page to get a download.


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I'm pleased to announce that we have product updates for Imaging Toolkit and Deployment Monitor.

Imaging Toolkit 11.0.2

Following the recent Windows 10 1809 (September) release debacle, that has now been re-released in November (sigh!), we've had some extra time to perform compatibility testing with Imaging Toolkit.

So not only are we officially supporting Windows 10 1809 but we have also made a heap of improvements including:

  • Support for Windows 10 1809
  • Support for latest SCCM releases
  • Analysis will apply to a driver across all driver packs
  • Ability to download multiple drivers concurrently
  • Bug fixes

For further details visit the Imaging Toolkit release history and compatibility pages.


Deployment Monitor 2.0.2

In this release we have addressed some annoying issues that crept in with the 2.0.1 release but we also found time to add the odd enhancement:

  • ZCM remote control improvements (ZCM 2017 Update 3 or above)
  • Compatibility improvements for IE and Edge browsers
  • Bug fixes

For further details visit the Deployment Monitor release history and compatibility pages.

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We've always given you the ability to register your ENGL product enhancement ideas, but now you can cast your vote of support for other ideas.

Simply log a new enhancement request and/or vote for other product ideas.

During our internal planning meetings, we'll review your voting numbers to help priortise which features are worked on next. We look forward to hearing your ideas!