Note: See Imaging Toolkit compatibility matrix for supported management solutions and Windows versions. 

Build Console

  • Single interface for creation and maintenance of Windows deployments
  • Import Wizard - add hardware inventory, drivers, Windows media, Novell Client, System Center Client, and ZENworks Agent
  • Project Wizard - create new projects
  • Project verification - check project for compatibility and settings errors
  • Deployment Wizard - creation of deployment process and WIM and ZMG images
  • Integration Wizard - install and update ENGL components in System Center and ZENworks imaging environment


Driver management

  • Import hardware using Zdrivers inventory scanner (32/64-bit)
  • Search for latest Windows OEM drivers (using ENGL Driver Management web service)
  • Driver download
  • Manual driver import
  • Extraction of drivers for analysis
  • Analysis of drivers to determine best installation method (INF or custom setup)
  • Driver customisation (installation method, source and command line) System Center and ZENworks 'driver' add-on image creation


Secure imaging

  • PXE imaging front-end (WinPE/Linux)
  • DVD/USB imaging front-end (Linux)
  • Secure LDAP contextless login (Active Directory / eDirectory)
  • Imaging menus (may be secured individually by LDAP user identity/group membership)
  • Automated driver add-on image selection and restoration (hardware detection)
  • Script language (LDAP queries, ZENworks Image-safe Data extensions, file access)
  • Custom forms (create wizard pages with inputboxes, checkboxes, radiobuttons and more)


Automated Windows deployment

  • Universal base image (1 x base image per operating system)
  • Native support for AMD64, Multi-processor and Dual-Core processors
  • Mass Storage Controller drivers automatically added to boot media and base image
  • Sysprep-wrapper automates base image creation and ENGL build process
  • Automated Windows hotfix installation (automates download of updates and their dependencies)
  • Diagnostic 'trace window' mode OEM driver installation
  • Fully automated build process (XML configuration file and phase/task restart ability OnError detection (display a message and / or run a script when a fatal build error occurs)
  • Join computer to Active Directory (automatic search for existing computer objects for rejoins)
  • Application installation (logic rules allow pre-installation of ZENworks bundles based on workstation/owner) Lockdown of mouse and keyboard (including Ctrl+Alt+Delete)
  • Custom phase scripts (VBScript/JScript/PowerShell) and registry files
  • ActiveX Control (Windows scripting enhancement library for PowerShell/VBScript/JScript)