Product Support Lifecycle

The ENGL Support Lifecycle defines the duration and levels of support customers can expect to receive as products move through their lifecycle. This information will assist in the management of support needs and future software upgrades.


Critical patches only. No enhancements will be introduced into the product. The product is removed from the downloads page and is only available to maintenance customers.


No further product support is available, customers should upgrade to the current version.

Upgrade Path

Recommended upgrade path for this product. Please contact ENGL for upgrade costs and maintenance options.

Product Name   Mature Discontinued Upgrade Path
Deployment Monitor 1.0 *Discontinued*   August 31, 2018 Deployment Monitor 2.0
Driver Manager 6.0 *Discontinued*   July 31, 2018 Driver Manager 7.0 See notes
Driver Manager 5.0 *Discontinued*   September 12, 2017 Driver Manager 7.0 See notes
Driver Manager 4.0 *Discontinued*   September 29, 2015 Driver Manager 7.0 See notes
Imaging Toolkit 10.0 *Discontinued*   August 31, 2019 Imaging Toolkit 11.0 See notes
Imaging Toolkit 9.0 *Discontinued*   March 31, 2017 Imaging Toolkit 11.0 See notes
Imaging Toolkit 8.0 *Discontinued*   January 31, 2016 Imaging Toolkit 11.0 See notes
Imaging Toolkit 7.0 *Discontinued*   May 31, 2015 Imaging Toolkit 11.0 See notes
Z-Remote 1.0 *Discontinued*     September 25, 2017 Z-Remote 2.0



  • Imaging Toolkit 10.0 and later do not support deployment of Windows XP and Server 2008
  • Driver Manager 6.0 and above do not support driver search or integration for Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003 or Server 2008